Is your marketing working?

Want it to?

Do you spend hours writing stuff that doesn’t lead to paying customers?

Is your marketing attracting the wrong sorts of people?

Do you hold back on ‘getting out there’ because you aren’t sure what to say — or how to say it?

Don’t sweat it… YOU GOT THIS! And I’ve got just the thing to help you solve your #1 challenge when it comes to effectively marketing your business.

The Shut Up And Writeathon is a free 10-day program that takes you to the heart of whatever is NOT WORKING in your marketing, so you can face it, defuse it, and come up with your own original solution to creating great clients!


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Shut Up And Write your way to more clients (and BETTER ones!)

Since 2009, I have helped thousands of coaches, healers and self-employed professionals around the world create serious improvements to their income, clientele and lifestyle, by focusing on their writing. My approach is irreverent, because the biggest thing that gets in most people’s way is taking themselves (and their marketing) too dang seriously.

Now it’s your turn. Loosen the white-knuckle death grip on doing marketing the ‘right’ way. Uncover your what’s been holding you back, and set yourself free so you can finally connect with prospective clients effectively and profitably, using your own voice and real personality. That’s what the Shut Up And Writeathon is all about!

Here’s what’s possible when you loosen up, and let yourself experiment with how to authentically connect with your prospective customers:

I learned how to let my own voice out.

I just wanted to let you know that I just did my first teleseminar – and 316 people signed up. I’m flooded with emails of people wanting the recording. And I booked 24 initial sessions in 2 weeks, just from this call. Thank you. From what I learned with you, I learned how to let my own voice out. Writing is so much easier. Writing a teleseminar opt-in page is so much easier. Thank you!

-Evan Center, LCPC | Business Coach for Therapists Center Institute |

Stella helped me to nail down my ideal client and showed me how showing my personality would actually help me attract her.

One of my biggest challenges in my messaging has been answering the question of whether I could really be myself. Working with Stella Orange helped me learn that the question was a resounding YES! Stella helped me to nail down my ideal client and showed me how showing my personality would actually help me attract her. I now receive regular phone calls for speaking opportunities from ladies who say, “Dr. Nadia, I too am a pop of pink in a sea of navy blue and I’d love for you to come speak to my group.” Thank you Stella for helping me to find my voice. I now get to do what I love and work with amazing clients in the process.

-Dr. Nadia Brown | Doyenne Leadership |

I closed over 6 figures in that business year. I could not have done it without a clear message.

I was in the midst of a target market shift and needed clarity so I could talk to people about my new offer. Stella helped me pull out and identify all of the high value points to share. I went home and closed over 6 figures in business that year. I could not have done it without a clear message that resonated with my target market and more importantly resonated with me. Thank you Stella!

-Sarah Dew | Happy Entreprenuer |

Stella is my business secret weapon.

Not only do I use her notes EVERY SINGLE TIMEI write a sales page (for over half a decade now), she has a knack for asking exactly the right question to help me get my message dialed in. Without her I’d be drowning in a sea of self-doubt and watered down copy that somehow misses the point. With her, my message is sparklingly clear throughout everything I write. I’m pretty sure Stella is made of magic. Thanks to her, my copy sure is.

-Marcia Baczynski | Asking for What you Want |

What break through will YOU create in YOUR Shut Up And Writeathon?

During the 10-day Shut Up And Writeathon, you will receive a short video every day. Watch the video. Get fired up. Look at your #1 marketing challenge in a new way. Spend 10 minutes brainstorming and writing free style (don’t worry; I’ll tell you what to write!). Do this for 10 days, and you’ll cross the finish line with more clarity, more confidence and an original solution about what you can do to solve your #1 marketing problem in your own way.

Whether you want more clients, more response, or your marketing to create more of the right clients for you, the Shut Up And Writeathon can help you smooth the path to your goal — FAST.

Join our growth-oriented, competent and fun-lovin’ gang of coaches, healers and self-employed professionals and let’s get your #1 marketing challenge handled… TOGETHER! If this resonates, you’re already one of us… so join the gang for the next FREE Shut Up And Writeathon – it’s powerful, FREE, and proven to work!

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Produced by Stella Orange and the shut up and write gang.

Stella Orange is the leader of the Shut Up And Writeathon, a free 10-day program where coaches, healers and self-employed professionals solve their #1 marketing problem. A professional copywriter whose writing has generated millions in sales, Stella teaches that the only way to get better at writing marketing is by writing marketing (surprise!). Stella is based in Buffalo, New York, where she hosts weekly Shut Up And Write sessions for members of her Write Club community around the world – by videoconference -- every Monday.